Let’s Take A Trip, Destination… The World!

Do you know the story behind the origami cranes?  Did you know that boomerangs were originally used as weapons?  Come to the High Plains Museum this Saturday, September 7 from 1:00-5:00 PM for the Passport Program and learn more about four items from Russia, Japan, Germany and Australia as well as see the new exhibit “Connecting Lives, Sharing Culture: 100 Years of AFS.”

The Passport Program is a come and go event where you can bring the whole family to learn about new cultures.  This month we will feature four cultures, each with something unique about it.  Come and make your own boomerang, create an Edelweiss Hat and wear your badge of honor, make your own Matryoshka dolls and make an origami crane.  Learn why each of these items is special to their respective country.

Throughout the Passport Program, which happens the first Saturday of October, November, and December, each participant will receive a passport.  The passport will contain challenges to be solved and a place to get collect stamps from the High Plains Museum.  Bring the passport to every Passport Program to receive your stamp and then get cracking on the clues!

The exhibit currently featured at the High Plains Museum is “Connecting Lives Sharing Culture: 100 Years of AFS.”  This exhibit shows the history of the organization nationally and in Goodland as well as tells us how AFS helps us connect to other people.

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