It’s a snow day!

It’s snowing!  With all the snow comes fun snow related activities that you can do.  Grab your sled and some friends and go sledding at Pioneer Park.   According to the Farmers Almanac sledding is actually a great way to burn calories!  It can burn up to 450 calories per hour, it also gets you outside which will give you your needed vitamin D and the sunshine will give you a boost of energy!  While you are exercising you are also having fun which releases stress and will help you enjoy the snow day much more.  Once you’re done sledding pop on into the museum to warm up with hot chocolate and take a look at our Earth From Space and see other weather storms from a new view.  You can also stroll under the stars and visit our immersive experience where you can enjoy all the constellations that can be seen in Goodland during this time of year.

High Plains Museum |PM075FARMA team and wagon in snow with two men ready for hunting.

High Plains Museum |
A team and wagon in snow with two men ready for hunting.

The picture to the left shows two men getting ready to hunt.  They have their wagon ready to go.  Can you imagine getting around town in a wagon pulled by horses today?  Build a snowman or a snow fort in your yard.  Have fun watching the snow fall but remember to stay safe! Drive carefully and get out and play in the snow!

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