What’s going on at the museum?

Welcome to the “Day in the Life of an Educator” blog series! This will be a new series written by me (Hello!), that features a behind the scenes look at activities and education development going on at the museum.

That's me in the pink reading the book "Buffalo" to a group of school children.

My name is Sami Philbrick and I am the High Plains Museum Education Coordinator.  I am a graduate of Goodland High School and received my bachelor’s degree in history from Kansas Wesleyan University. I am currently working on my master’s degree from Texas Tech University in Museum Science and am here for an internship.  At the museum I am working on making programs that relate to the museums exhibits or Goodland. 

Currently I am working on a scavenger hunt around town.  Each week a clue will be uploaded onto the Museums blog starting next week.  I have chosen places or things in town that are unique to Goodland or have history relating to Goodland.  Clues have been written about each place which will lead you to them.  You must tell us what and where it is. 

To start the scavenger hunt come into the High Plains Museum and collect your Passport of Goodland.  Each time you find a clue write what and where the place or thing is and bring it into the museum. If you are correct you will get it stamped.  At the end of a month if you have gotten each clue correct you will get a prize!  So get ready to learn some interesting facts about Goodland and have fun hunting!

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